I Used F4

I don’t like spread sheets.  Actually, that’s a lie, I do, I really do.  I just wish I was a capable of using them to their full potential.  Ask me to change the colour of a cell, I can handle that, but Pivot tables? What? Computer says Noooo.

Today I got bored of hitting Insert…Row a million times so I Googled ‘how do I insert multiple rows’.

I cannot believe Microsoft still (after how many years?) hasn’t given us the option to choose how many cells we want to insert.  Why is it only one at a time? Or is it just me…?

Anyway, the internet is full of useful people with useful solutions to boring problems.  From the Productivity Blog at technet a blogger (Suzanne100) provided a good workaround for copying cells and inserting to the location you need them.  There were also some helpful comments.  My favourite and the one I will use the most going forward is to go about it the usual way (right click + insert row), then just hit F4 as many times as you like to repeat the operation.

One of these days I will take some time to learn Excel properly.  Until then I shall probably remain a bit of a muppet: