About Me

It has been over two thousand days since I dipped my feet into formal education, when I completed a post graduate diploma in journalism back in 2007.  Since then, however, my journey of education has never stopped.  So really, every day feels a bit like Day 1.

Pooh and Tigger

I can’t remember where this jpeg came from, I presume it’s (C) estate of AA Milne or his publishing company.

In the space between then and now I have tried my hand at many posts: everything from public relations to treading the boards, and even being at the sharp end of foreign relations for a spell.  I’ve traveled the world, taken countless photographs, made many new friends, and thankfully encountered little personal sorrow.

This blog will hopefully serve as a record of my continuing journey.  Now working with an education company (Full Disclosure: TSL Education), who provide teaching resources and forums for teachers to share ideas with each other.  The plan is to next year start a PGCE and join the ranks of the teachers I’ve admired for so many years.

Until then I shall participate where I can, learn everything I can, and smile – whenever I can.

Please note: The views and opinions of this blog are mine and not necessarily shared by my employer, or anyone else for that matter.

Other places you can find me: Twitter or GooglePlus


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