Just Browsing (cont…)

Sometimes it feels like the internet is conspiring against me. Maybe I have it coming after all the glib remarks I’ve made over the years.

In any event, today Chrome decided to stop working and instead offered to ‘kill pages’ – all of them!  Sounds a little harsh considering it’s Chrome’s fault it can’t read ’em.

Reluctantly I reverted to Firefox, which decided the Flash plugin hasn’t been updated in a while and thus I shouldn’t be allowed to watch video.

All I want to do this afternoon is watch one webinar. Chrome tells me I need to contact a network administrator to change my proxy settings in order for it to update itself.  Firefox tells me it failed to update the flash plugin with no further information.  If I could find a network administrator who wasn’t busy with bigger issues…

Now I’ve resorted to reading transcripts instead.













Rant over.