It’s Not ‘Just Browsing’ Anymore

This morning I unwittingly (read: pre-coffee) clicked on a Sponsored Tweet, which led me to a YouTube video/commercial for the new Internet Explorer 11.

There have been 11 iterations of IE, I hear you ask? Apparently so.  Who knew?  Probably Microsoft, but I think everyone else just forgot about it, right after they downloaded Chrome or Firefox on their new Windows machine.

The real problem Microsoft has is no one wants to learn how to use a new browser.  People just want the one they’ve got to work better.  Unless, of course, Microsoft has completely reinvented the wheel here, but I somehow doubt that.

Back to the drawing board, please.

Self-deprecating might work when flirting with a love interest, but when one of the largest corporations in the world tries it, well, it just feels slimy and insincere.

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