Common Core Critics: Just Calm Down, OK?

the digital ageGrowing up in what was – and still is – a burgeoning digital age, I am familiar with words being taken out of context.

It happens every day.  The media are famous for it; I’ve been guilty of it; and I’ve certainly accused my parents of it in moments of hormone-driven teenage angst.  In fact, I often used it to really push their buttons just for fun.

And then there’s the whole issue of texting and sarcasm (almost making the case for that silliest of ideas, the sarcasm punctuation character…). How many arguments have started or relationships ended over a misunderstood/misinterpreted sentence delivered via text I wonder?

Ignoring the texting difficulties for a moment, the issue of intentionally taking words out of context for my own gain or entertainment is something I grew out of.  As I suspect most normal human beings do.

So what is it about public figures, be they politicians, pundits, or whoever, that stunts their growth on this point?  Which part of their brain failed to develop beyond the logic of ‘if I say this everyone will get angry and I will get all the attention’?

I ask because of an article I saw recently in the Huffington Post about ‘13 Extreme Statements Made About The Common Core Standards’.  Have a quick look, you will be shocked but probably not surprised by the vitriol spewed over every medium about the changes taking place.

Change can be scary, I understand that.  Not everyone will benefit from change, I get that. But where do people get off associating supporters of the Common Core with Hitler Youth? It absolutely boggles my mind that a person’s perspective could be so clouded by their steadfast obedience to the status quo that they’d make such ludicrous assertions. Do they not realize just how ignorant they appear when hateful statements like that are attributed to them?

At the end of the day you have to make up your own mind. The only best way to do that is by being as informed as you can be. Do your own research and your own thinking.

Start with Common Core facts. Take a look at some Common Core lesson plans that have been created by teachers.  Keep up to date with the conversations in your district and State. And just be a grown up about it. I’m tired of reading hateful things about education.

Common Core is not a road to nowhere


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