Jobs Are Scary, This Will Help

A timely detour on the interwebs this morning took me to the LinkedIn blog about recent changes to their terms of service. I don’t always read these when they pop up, mainly because every big company whose products I consume seem to be changing their terms of service on a near daily basis (looking at you Apple…Google…Facebook!).  But for whatever reason, this morning I was interested enough to read on.

Nothing shocking in there, just that they’re now allowing students/children as young as 13 to join LinkedIn.  Fine.  Happy with that.  I haven’t heard of any predators looking to expand their professional networks while creeping on kids.  But obviously let’s stay vigilant on that one, sadly goes without saying these days.

Then another LinkedIn blog about their recently launched University Pages, with a short, well-produced, snappy video about how they can help the college-bound or first-jobbers (embedded below).

Now, I’m not saying I’m a sucker for a good sales pitch.  But I am a sucker for short snappy YouTube videos that show me how easy it is to gather information or learn something new.

[ Quick digression: I’ve just seen this great article on what makes the best instructional videos. Credit to Kyle Pace for tweeting it and the author for penning it.]

Anyway, back to University Pages.  I know how stressful/daunting/discouraging/sometimes inspiring/always time consuming/often expensive job hunting can be.  Any tool that will help you focus your search or give you some direction from the off is, in my view, certainly worth exploring.  Especially if it’s provided free of charge (as it is for now…I’m watching you LinkedIn).

So, for high schoolers looking at potential colleges I think these University Pages will offer you some quick and dirty insights about how your college might serve you down the road.

For first-jobbers, start making use of your alumni network!  Reconnect with those acquaintances you made in freshman year, find out who your professors are connected to in industry, start sending out requests.  Don’t be shy.  Now is the time to be bold, be recognized, stand out from the crowd and be your awesome self.


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