Tips and Tricks

Some days are reserved for learning the big stuff, others the little things. Mondays I try to hold free for the little things.

In that vein, here is a neat little time saver.  If you use Google URL shortener ( or Bitly, and you want to track the statistics associated with the links you create – ie clicks, browsers, locations – all you have to do is copy/paste the short link to your address bar, add a plus sign ‘+’ to the end, and Hey Presto, stats!

You can also add ‘.info’ to the URL to achieve the same effect.

I looked this up because I use a third party Chrome extension for  It’s pretty handy, but the links it generates don’t always show up in my Google account for tracking (annoyingly).  This .info info is thus quite handy.

Credit to a nearly three year old article from The Next Web for this tip.


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