So Much Potential

Twitter did its usual routine of being incredibly helpful and incredibly distracting in equal measure this morning.

I found this: Click Your Fortune from the TED-Ed community.  It’s a great idea for a new series of talks driven by the ed community.  Submit questions to professionals about their jobs and what inspires them, then they answer, simples! Users can also submit requests to have someone talk about a given profession that hasn’t been represented yet.

The Average Bear by Ole Ivar Rudi

The Average Bear by Ole Ivar Rudi

This could be a great resource for students/anyone to learn more about the kinds of jobs out there and ask the questions they really want answers to. And to also reassure them that there are always new, previously unheard of, jobs popping up all the time, so not to be disparaged if they haven’t found their passion yet or if what they are passionate about doesn’t seem like a job (yet).

All of this reminded me of a TED talk I saw recently with the host of Discovery’s Dirty Jobs show, Mike Rowe.  It was recorded back in 2008 and is absolutely a must watch. Mike talks about work in general, how we perceive it, our expectations, and the effects of those expectations on the job market and our individual levels of happiness.  He has also spoken more recently about this (and his new initiative Profoundly Disconnected) with Bill Maher, and FoxNews, and anyone who will listen (everyone should listen!). Quite insightful stuff from someone I (wrongly) assumed was just a TV host doing dirty jobs for entertainment.  Block out some time for yourself and start reading/watching what he’s got to say.

How happy are you with what you do?


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