Obligatory Royal Baby Post

So a Royalbaby was born yesterday.  Congrats to the happy couple!  By chance, I was sat in a Royal Park not two hundred meters from Buckingham Palace when the announcement was made and the crowds cheered.  A perfect evening for ice cream and good news.

Green Park for the Announcement

Green Park for the Announcement

One day later and baby mania hasn’t abated one iota, instead it seems to be gearing up every moment. Thank you 24-hour news cycle…

But this has got me thinking.  We talk a lot about change in education, whether it’s the countless blogs espousing the benefits of ed tech (perhaps including this one), or the viral sermons from the ever engaging Sir Ken, there seems to be an air of (r)evolution, like we’re on the precipice of great change and about to re-define the whole shebang. So I have two questions:

1) As a relative newcomer/youngster (under 30 for 5 more months!) has this always been the case?  Do the old and bold (it’s a compliment, I promise) feel like for the first time in years we’re genuinely about to shake things up? Or is it just more of the same hollow rhetoric that echoes through staff rooms year after year without much actual change?

2) What will our education system look like when it’s time for HRH Baby Boy to start primary school? Or secondary school, and 18 years from now when it’s time to choose a university?

Of course this second question is slightly ridiculous. HRH Baby exists in a world so far removed from the unwashed masses it makes as much no difference what state of education the rest of us experience. I suspect his trajectory will go something along the lines of private tutors + Jane Mynor’s for nursery school > other posh learn-to-be-regal academies for youngsters > Eton or Gordonstoun > University of choice and/or Sandhurst.

It’s alright for some, I suppose, but what will the rest of us do for/with our children?


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