Is There a Cost to Ignorance?

This video is making the rounds on YouTube in the UK.  I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it was so unbelievably obnoxious, and Katie Hopkins is so painfully ignorant.

Appearing on the breakfast show, This Morning, she makes the argument at length that as a parent you can and should judge children based on their forename; that children with modern or unusual names reflect the character of their parents, which must be lacking since they chose a modern or unusual name for their child.

Hopkins further argues that you should not let your child be associated with any other child should they bear the name of something hideous like a geographical location (despite having named her daughter India! A point well-made by the show’s co-host Phil Schofield).

Ignorance is a simple lack of knowledge. This can be corrected with time, energy, and a willing subject. But ignorance colors one’s perspective on many things, and that can be contagious. How do we teach perspective, or encourage a healthier more open and tolerant perspective?  I have great concern for young people that might look up to Hopkins as a role model. Surely as a society we can do better than reward her ignorance with television appearances and media gigs.

In case you didn’t feel like watching the video, the two names she hates the most: Tyler and Chardonnay.

On behalf of Tylers everywhere (or at least this one, here), we don’t want to hang out with you either Miss Hopkins.


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